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About XSyntax

Making synthesizer music since 2011 in different genres


XSyntax uses all kind of hard and software synthesizers of different brands.
It is a real mix of vintage hardware in combination with a lot of old fashioned analogue software synthesizers.
From EMS VCS to ARP2600 and the newest synthesizer devices of Native Instruments and Zero-G.

Hardware Devices

XSyntax uses different brands of hardware synthesizers.
The most important in that collection are
    - Yamaha CS1X
    - Roland W-30
    - Roland U-220
    - Korg M3R

Also some keyboards and midi controllers are used, like the
    - Hohner PSK75
    - Roland EM-15
    - Novation LaunchKey 49
    - M-Audio Ozone 25

Software Devices

The software synthizer collection is rather huge and to much to mention for this page.
The most well famous synths are in the collection.
    - MiniMoog
    - EMS VCS3
    - ARP 2600
    - Massive, FM7, Absynth, Phaedra
    - Vir2Syntax
    - ...............and a whole lot more..

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